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No matter what the investment undertaking, if one has gained an informational edge and applies that knowledge to the markets, they will undoubtedly gain the more desired result. Access to reliable investment information through self-education sets in motion positives that ultimately show up in one’s bottom line.

Bulls are a strange lot. The do not want to miss a rally. When the spot positive news about a commodity or stock they do not want to miss a rally. This make the short sellers fearful.

When markets rise rapidly, short sellers feel the walls closing in on them and want to get out and cover their position. The rush to cover causes an even more steeper market rise.

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When price shock occurs, market psychology changes. In due time a large sale arrives on the floor and buyers are not able to absorb the position. The market gets rattled and the seeds for demise are planted. Bears become bolder and bulls feel like they are walking on shells. When the bulls start dumping their positions and begin joining the ranks of the bears, the market retreat accelerates.

The Investment Business Daily is a foremost investment and financial news source for the United States. The IBD gives continuous news coverage to important business news using photos, graphs and charts and editorials.

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Greed and fear control markets. Of these two emotions, fear is the stronger. Market fail because of fear among the bulls and greed amongst the bears. As long as short sellers are willing to meet the demands and sell at the bid, the decline continues.

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