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The Real Truth About Choosing a Business University

If you are thinking about choosing a business university, there are a whole bunch of things to consider. Unlike public or private schools, these kinds of schools are in business to make profits. That’s the main focus. There is an extraordinary focus on getting you to sign up for federal loan programs, because the government pays your (very high) tuition.

Should you quit, they still get paid. Kind of like free money to them. So in talking to business universities, remember you are not a student you are a consumer, just as if you were going into a department store, or more closely, an automobile dealership.

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Typically, these schools will admit anyone who can produce money, whether through the government or not. Your classes are not apt to be filled with wise, thoughtful students who will lead you into deeper understanding of your subject. If that happens, it’s due to the instruction. Most teachers love to teach, and will take bad pay and terrible conditions just so they can touch the future. That’s you. Your instructors are making less money than their counterparts in public schools, where for one reason or another, they can’t get jobs.

Be sure you check the school’s accreditation. This is the procedure that examines all schools and universities, verifying that standards are upheld, students graduate, the faculty is qualified. Where ever you are, call a local community college or university, and ask someone there who they are accredited by. The business university should be accredited by the same group. This is only important to you if you plan on any further education, or you will be competing for jobs with people who come from accredited schools. Also check about the transferability of credits from the business university to any other school. If the credits don’t transfer, you are out of luck if you want to go to some other school later.

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One of the most important areas to consider is why you want to go to so specialized a school as a business university, and what you intend to do with the training. The typical college freshman must take a variety of courses from many different areas of study, which can occupy most of the first two years of school. These requirements are to educate you, not just train you, which is much more limited a focus. If what you want is training in a particular area, say Accounting, so that you have better jobs skills and can make more money, that’s perfect. This is a buffet kind of school where you just drop in and take your pick from what’s offered. Because course offerings are limited at a business university, you would not be able to get the typical Bachelor’s Degree given by other four year colleges.

The real advantage of these business universities is their specialization. They give people who know what they want and how they want to use it in the workplace, the opportunity to do that. The local community college might teach the same classes for a lot less money, so it would be smart to check there first. Most jobs don’t require a four-year degree, so you can pick the classes you want, and get on with life much sooner.

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